BSDSolver 2020

BSDSolver™ is a program that facilitates the implementation of the Principle Phase Decomposition PPD™ technique [1], [2] & [3]. The PPD™ technique implements blind seismic deconvolution utilizing sequential Monte Carlo filtering and iterative forward modeling (IFM). The PPD™ algorithm estimates both the source wave and reflection coefficients via IFM until a cost function defined to be the RMS difference between the recorded seismogram and the synthesized seismogram is minimized.
BSDSolver™ also provides the user with an estimation of the dominant frequency of the source wave and an estimation of the logarithmic decrement which is important within soil dynamic analysis (i.e., The logarithmic decrement, δ, is directly related to the fraction of critical damping (λ = δ/2π) in a soil profile which is modeled as a spring-mass-dashpot system. In addition, λ is required for Dynamic Amplification Factor calculations.
Seismic deconvolution is one of the most widely researched and implemented seismic signal processing tools. The primary goal of seismic deconvolution is to remove the characteristics of the source wave from the recorded seismic time series so that one is ideally left with only the reflection coefficients. These coefficients identify and quantify the impedance mismatches between different geological layers, which are of great interest to the geophysicist.
BSDSolver™ includes the following features:
  • Configurable for either geophones or accelerometers.
  • Extensive frequency spectrum analysis.
  • Bandpass, high pass, low pass, and notch frequency digital filters.
  • Vertical seismic profile display with trend line estimation.
  • Display of peak particle accelerations, velocities and displacements.
  • Implementation of the PPD™ technique for source wave and reflection series estimation.
  • Implementation of the water level technique for reflection series estimation based on an inputted PPD™ estimated source wave.
  • Extensive chart editing, plotting, and exporting functions.