SC6-DAC PRO™ 2020

SC6-DAC Pro™ is a Windows® program that facilitates the data acquisition of Six Channel True Interval Seismic Cone (SC) time series data, and provides the user with automatic real-time preliminary interval SH-wave velocities estimates for both triaxial sensor packages and Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) displays. The data can then be analyzed in more detail using the SC3-RAV™ seismic data analysis software.
The development and release of SC6-DAC Pro™ fits BCE’s mission of providing our clients with state-of-the-art seismic data acquisition and analysis systems that allow for better and faster diagnostics of the sub-surface. In the current release of SC6-DAC Pro™ preliminary estimates of right and left side top and bottom SH-wave interval velocities are generated automatically during a Seismic Cone Penetration Test (SCPT). Future releases of this software will also provide the user with automatic estimates of the absorption values (QS and QP), interval P-wave velocities, and the interval low-strain elastic constant.
SC6-DAC Pro™ includes the following features:
  • Configurable for either geophones or accelerometers.
  • Configurable for either contact Switch or Sensor Triggers.
  • Ability to save seismic data for true interval top and bottom triaxial seismic sensor packages.
  • Suitable for P-Wave and S-wave.
  • Option for a time delay in collecting data.
  • Maximized data sampling rate.
  • Option for Data Stacking.
  • Option to enter site information data.
  • Option to apply a bandpass filter to the stacked traces.
  • Option to save and display pre-trigger data.
  • Ability to display interval velocities.
  • Incorporation of an optimized correlator (when calculating initial interval velocities) to ensure an equivalent sampling rate of 100 KHz by utilizing linear interpolation between digitally sampled points.
  • Bandpass, high pass, low pass, and notch digital filters.
  • Automated full waveform SH-wave interval velocity estimates for both true interval top and bottom seismic data packages.
  • Display of peak particle accelerations, velocities, and displacements.
  • VSPs with trend line estimation.
  • 3D Displays of VSP Profiles.
  • Automatic configuration of USB A/D to 8 Channel Single Ended.
  • Ability to apply noise suppression when utilizing a contact trigger.
  • Ability to apply notch filter on harmonics within the Cascadable Filters.
  • Enhanced display options when viewing seismic data.
  • Incorporation of the Linearity values and the Signal Shape Parameter in the Interval Velocity estimate Classification.
  • Ability to view the best fit normal distribution as an overlay onto the frequency spectrum of seismic time series.
  • Transition to 64 bit environment.
  • Incorporation of Expanded Seismic Trace Classification methodology.
  • Incorporation of Tee-Chart User Guide.
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum values for time.
  • Ability to save the trigger channel to file.
  • Incorporation of a flag to indicate data clipping.
  • Ability to set the gain automatically.
  • Incorporation of Continuous Seismic Option (New).
  • Expanded View Options (New).
  • Editorial upgrade of all input screens (New).