BCE can provide various services in the area of signal processing for geotechnical site investigations:
  • BCE can provide training classes on any of our products.
  • BCE can provide, in addition to our standard products (as described in the section Products of our website), customized hardware and software utilizing the latest technology in electronic components and computer hardware to better serve your specific requirements.
  • BCE can provide data analysis of data obtained by others; for example, we can provide this analysis at four different levels for downhole seismic data (DST)
  • simple velocity vs. depth profiles
    application of digital signal processing filters to acquired DST (e.g.,SCPT) data; estimation of interval velocities utilizing trend lines.
  •  low spec interpretation
    estimation of interval velocities utilizing BCE’s patented cross-correlation technique as well as the application of the linear least squares regression technique to smooth interval velocity variations.
  • medium spec interpretation
    level 2 plus implementation of the polarization technique to account for rod rotation, algorithms to increase signal-to-noise ratio and rotation of the dominant response on X and Y axes onto the full waveform axis.
  • high spec interpretation
    level 3 plus implementation of BCE’s iterative forward modeling technique (FMDSM) which takes into account raypath refraction at interfaces (ASTM requirement in case of significant impedance mismatches).

  • BCE can organize seminars or training courses in the area of signal processing for geotechnical site investigations; if there is a particular topic you would like us to address to your organization we would be happy to develop a detailed proposal (incl. the list of topics and speakers).